The Beauty Within the Struggles

The best thing about beauty is it’s shown differently within every person

PhoebeGrazia x

  On the 12th March 2020 I was exhibiting   a project about autism to a few school teachers. As you can imagine I was really nervous so I did the only thing I knew would help!

I got a tutoring lesson with one of my childhood teacher’s and role model and beforeI even started presenting it to her she told me this…

When you present this , don’t think of yourself as a  student, think of yourself as a  representation of high-functioning autistic  students’

WOWZA! Now that is how we should look at school work (hint hint to all the students ;)). Joke aside, this changed my entire perspective on what this little project was completely and here’s why…

When you think of autism what do you think of? Someone who can’t socialise very well? Maybe someone who’s obsessed with airplanes (P.S if you like reading I recommend A boy made of blocks, goes into this a bit more!) Or  someone  who is a maths genius. 

Whatever this is to you although there are some cases whereby this is true, some simply just feel slightly off balanced in life, like they have their shoes on the wrong foot. 

 This type of autism is HIGH-FUNCTIONING and can often be undiagnosed or diagnosed incorrectly, due to these minor symptoms. 

 Anyway, you haven’t come here for a lesson on autism, and frankly the idea of having your shoes on the wrong way would be extremely uncomfortable!

  But from my opinion  autism  is just  a different way of thinking, but  individuals with autism may have not come to  appreciate that, because of the way society has shaped this diagnosis to me. (wow real original Phoebe, pulling the old society red card out again). 

However…. wait for it, we are getting to the good part! Drum roll….


 And heres how!

  If we can get ONE CLASS, JUST ONE into schools, workplaces and online, about coping mechanisms that we can implement into our environments to help people with autism. Plus talk more about the amazing qualities HFA  people have to offer! Then maybe this world will become a little bit more of better place to live in!

I know if it wasn’t for autism I wouldn’t have been homeschooled, threw myself into church life, or even written this today! 

And that boys and girls is how PHOEBEGRAZIA THE BLOG BEGAN! I can’t wait to take you on this journey so you and me can learn more about life with autism together!

Lots of love

PhoebeGrazia xx

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